Jim Glasgow

Founder, Owner

Jim founded Chicago Muay Thai in April, 2011 and has over 26 years experience training in Muay Thai. Jim started training in 1996 under Wayne Gregory and Pat White. Wayne Gregory was the first foreigner to ever defeat a Thai in the famous Lumpinee Stadium training under Apidiji and Jonsanang at Fairtex Thailand.. Jim first trained in in Thailand in 2000 at Rompo Gym Bangkok and has over 10 subsequent trips to Thailand training at Tiger Muay Thai, Dragon Muay Thai, Kru Dam Bangkok and others. Jim is a former competitive Bare Knuckle Fighter (18 yrs), the 2001 Shidokan Middleweight Team Champion, and 1998 International Shidokan Cup (2nd place). He holds a Black Belt in Shidokan and Brown Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (11 yrs). Jim also wrestled competitively for 5 years from the age of 13 to age 18. He has coached 6 national Muay Thai champions and is currently the coach for Glory Kick Boxer, Ryot Waller and has coached UFC Fighter, Razak Al-Hassan . Jim has coached 8 National Muay Thai Champions who collectively won 10 Championship belts since 2019.