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Chicago Muay Thai Class Descriptions

Fundamentals: No experience required. This class is ideal for beginners
with no experience and those looking to improve their fundamental
techniques. This includes basics techniques such as punches, kicks,
clinch, and footwork. Although there is no sparring in fundamentals,
simple sparring drills may be presented, such as offence/defense or
situational drills.
All Levels Sparring Techniques: 2-months minimum training
required. This class introduces students to sparring basics. Full gear is
expected to be worn in this class. Students will learn how to spar in a
controlled way. You will learn how to strike and defend yourself in a
controlled environment. There will be sparring in this class in a very
basic form that is controlled.
Dutch Style Drilling: 1 month experience required. Full gear required.
This class focuses on partner contact drills opposed to pad work.
All Levels: 1month minimum training required. Techniques vary from
fundamental techniques to more advanced techniques such a ditch style
drilling and clinch. Students are expected to know basic stance, strikes,
defense and pad holding. No sparring.
Muay Thai Intermediate Class: 4 to 6-month minimum training time
required for this class. Students are expected to know all Muay Thai
strikes and blocks and defense. This class includes full sparring and
clinch with advanced striking and pad work.
Muay Thai Sparring Class: 1-year minimum training time required for
this class. Full gear is also required to train. This class focuses on boxing
sparring, Muay Thai sparring, and clinch sparring.
Advanced Class (approval only): 1-year minimum training required
for this class. Students are expected to know all punches, kicks, clinch,
defensive techniques, and footwork. In this class, more conceptual and
advanced techniques are presented. Cardio, and full body conditioning
will be more intense as well. The end of the advanced class includes
technical live sparring and technical live clinch. Advanced students must
know how to hold pads at a high level.