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Chicago Muay Thai Class Descriptions

Muay Thai Fundamentals
This class is ideal for beginners with no experience, or those looking to improve their fundamental techniques, such as punches, kicks, knees and elbows, however, it is common to see more advanced students in class to refine their techniques. Basics techniques are presented such as punches, kicks, clinch, and footwork. Although there is no sparring in fundamentals, simple controlled sparring drills may be presented, such as offense/defense or situational drills. These sparring drills are not “live” and will be monitored closely by the instructor(s).
Muay Thai Fundamentals 2.0 Class
This class is a level above our fundamentals class. At this point, all students should know all the basic muay thai strikes and stance. Students are required to know how to hold pads for all the muay thai strikes as well. The conditioning and partner drills will also be at a higher level.
Muay Thai All Levels Class
This class is a level above fundamentals 2.0. Where students should have a firm grasp of basics. Conditioning levels will be similar or slightly above Fundamentals 2.0
Muay Thai All Levels Thai Style Training
This class has less instruction than other classes and is more of a fast paced training class that combines live clinch rounds, Partner Drills (Dutch Style), bag rounds, and partner Pad-work, “call out” rounds.
All Levels Clinch Class
Clinch is unique to Muay Thai and involves close stand up (only) contact involving knees, grips and locks. All students should have strong fundamentals in clinch. Students drill fundamental clinch techniques, and different clinch scenarios. Clinch sparring will be introduced in this class.
Introductions to Sparring Class
This class prepares you to handle sparring in a controlled manner. Students will require full gear in this class. You will be going over contact drills and will be put in sparring situations that will prepare you to eventually live spar in the future. Minimal Live sparring may take place at the end of class.
Dutch Style Drilling Class
“Dutch Style” consists of back and forth situational combinations and drills. Full gear is required for this class. Instead of hitting pads, students will be applying set combos and techniques on each other. There will be limited clinch and sparring in this class.
Muay Thai Intermediate Class
This class introduces more advanced concepts and incorporates more contact than ‘All Levels”, including live sparring and clinch work. Higher level pad holding and striking is expected. Intermediate class will also be more cardio intensive than fundamentals and All levels class.