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Chicago Muay Thai Class Descriptions

Muay Thai Fundamentals
Ideal for beginners or those refining fundamentals, this class covers punches, kicks, knees, elbows, clinch, and footwork. Advanced students often attend for skill enhancement. While no live sparring in fundamentals, controlled drills like offense/defense or situational exercises are closely monitored by the instructor(s).
Muay Thai Fundamentals 2.0
This class surpasses our fundamentals level, assuming all students are proficient in basic Muay Thai strikes, stance, and pad holding techniques. Expect elevated conditioning and partner drills in this advanced stage.
Muay Thai (All Levels)
This class is an advancement beyond Fundamentals 2.0, requiring students to have a solid understanding of basics. Conditioning levels will either match or slightly exceed those in Fundamentals 2.0.
Muay Thai - Thai Style Training (All Levels)
This class features minimal instruction and is designed as a fast-paced training session, incorporating live clinch rounds, partner drills (Dutch Style), bag rounds, and partner pad work, including "call-out" rounds.
Clinch (All Levels)
Clinch, distinctive to Muay Thai, entails close stand-up contact involving knees, grips, and locks. Proficiency in clinch fundamentals is essential for all students. The class focuses on drilling fundamental clinch techniques and various clinch scenarios, introducing clinch sparring.
Introductions to Sparring
This class readies you for controlled sparring, necessitating full gear. It includes contact drills and simulated sparring situations to prepare you for future live sparring. Limited live sparring may occur towards the end of the session.
Dutch Style Drilling
"Dutch Style" involves reciprocal situational combinations and drills, requiring full gear. Instead of striking pads, students will practice applying predefined combos and techniques on each other. Limited clinch and sparring will be included in this class.
Muay Thai (Intermediate)
This class delves into advanced concepts with increased contact, including live sparring and clinch work, requiring higher-level pad holding and striking skills. It is more cardio-intensive compared to the fundamentals and all-levels classes.
Clinch (Intermediate)
Students must grasp clinch fundamentals, different positions, locks, and proper knee techniques. The class introduces safe elbow striking and defense, leading to full-contact clinch sparring with knees and elbows, protected by elbow padding.
Yoga For Muay Thai (No experience required)
Yoga for Muay Thai blends three yoga styles to enhance flexibility, balance, breathing, and recovery specifically tailored for Muay Thai and martial arts. Led by experienced yoga instructors.